Immunization has never been more important as the world continues to face a global health pandemic. There are many considerations that go into rolling out a vaccine, and the way the medication is packaged is crucial to its safety, efficacy, and overall impact on a population.

Why Vaccine Packaging Matters

As we have seen over the past few months, vaccines need to be produced, packaged, and shipped out in a timely and careful manner—especially when that vaccine is already in short supply. Visual8 has been working closely with Corning, who recently developed the new Valor® Glass which dramatically reduces the probability of contamination by particles, breaks, and cracks, while also significantly increasing throughput for manufacturers. As a result, Corning’s glass is being used for packaging key immunization and clinical trials, pharmaceutical packaging, and many other lab-related uses such as diagnostic test kits.

Increasing Corning’s Productivity

Visual8 has been partnering closely with Corning’s engineering team since 2011, modeling and simulating processes across dozens of its different plants. With complex and widely varying production environments – from high-speed, mixed process (continuous and discrete) operations to lower-volume, high-SKU mixtures – Visual8 have helped identify and solve process constraints and bottlenecks.

Over this time, Visual8’s modeling and simulation solutions have been used to:

  • optimize complex sterilization process sequencing
  • determine and resolve material handling Kanban constraints
  • level-load operational, maintenance and repair resources
  • test out changes to robotic equipment logic and cycle-times

These are just a few ways we’re helping Corning better scrutinize its production to identify, optimize, and solve challenges.

Rapidly Solving Production Challenges

Now more than ever, we know that companies must innovate to keep pace with changing conditions. With fluctuating demand and uncertain supply chains, manufacturers need to rapidly adapt their production capabilities to meet the business needs of not only today, but tomorrow. We are proud to help companies like Corning analyze each step in their process to solve challenges and optimize production, especially as circumstances continue to change.

Photo from Corning.