Visual8 Platform

Visual. Intuitive. Powerful.

The Visual8 Platform is unique, consisting of a suite of customizable, algorithm-driven modules. Each is designed to optimize specific functions within the production cycle, solving efficiency, capacity, scheduling and delivery challenges. The bottom line? A better bottom line.

Each module is customized to your operational specifics providing an accurate planning and operational digital blueprint. Whether you need to simulate a planned change or find efficiencies in your current operations, the Visual8 platform provides solutions that:

  • Can be implemented in just 4- 6 months


  • Provide an ROI in as little as 6-12 months
  • Seamlessly integrate into your existing SAP/ERP systems


  • Has an intuitive visual interface, making it easy for employees to use, whether they are IT savvy or with minimal computer experience. There are no steep learning curves to put your Visual8 solutions to work.

Visual8 Solutions

We apply advanced, customized, algorithm-driven modules to help companies find, improve, implement and maintain production efficiencies.

Advanced Capacity Planning

Manages long-term demand forecasts vs. plant capacity.

Sales & Operations Management

Helps ensure the sales team promise is in sync with the operational capacity.

Intelligent Production Planning

Coordinating production and procurement plans.

Automated Production Scheduling

Maintains the optimized minute-by-minute production schedule.

Advanced Analytics & Optimization

Solving complex system problems with easy to understand visualizations.

Production Modeling & Simulation

Test improvement ideas in a virtual representation of plant operations, distribution network or any business process.

Visual8 Cloud

Provides IT outsourcing support on a cloud-based server. You never have to worry about DATA loss and you can access remotely.

Our Support and an Iron-Clad Guarantee.

We have renowned customer service and a very simple guarantee: We guarantee to deliver what we promise, when we promised, for the price we promised.

How do we work?


We believe in peer-to-peer collaboration, matching our team members with yours to create a dynamic, rapid deployment working model. And this approach works. See our case studies.

Standard-Setting Customer Service


With a human-to-human support hotline, free software upgrades as they come online and quantifiable results, it is little wonder that 88% of our customers are repeat customers.

A Focus on IT

We recognize the significance of integrating new software into your production process and we go above and beyond to mitigate any potential concerns.


We have a highly trained industry-experienced project team who understand the value and importance of secure data. Our teams have been trusted by over 1/4  Fortune 100 companies.


We understand that a business has to stay in business while we integrate our software systems into yours. We guarantee no interruption to your operations.


Our clients generally enjoy an ROI from between six to twelve months. After that, they enjoy a dramatic increase in profitability.

Free software upgrades

We constantly upgrade our software and share it with maintenance clients at no cost.

Direct-hotline support

We offer responsive, rapid customer support because in business, every second matters.


We have a clear, plain-English guarantee that we deliver what we promise in the time we promised to deliver it. It’s that simple.

Stay up-to-date with Visual8 and innovative advanced planing and optimization solutions.

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