April 2014
Cincinnati, Ohio

Visual8’s simulation solutions play a pivotal role in helping Kroger develop their QueVision system to reduce customer queuing at their supermarkets.

Always looking to improve customer experience at their stores, Kroger developed a unique way to ensure that shoppers don’t face a lengthy wait when they arrive at checkout lines. Their QueVision system utilizes sensors placed above store entrances and cash registers, along with predictive analytics and real-time data from point-of-sale systems, allowing the retailer to open checkout lanes exactly when needed.

During the key system design phase, Kroger’s R&D Team conducted extensive discrete-even analysis using a Storefront Simulation analysis tool created by Visual8, a division of Visual Thinking International.

A recent article published at www.InformationWeek.com highlights how Kroger used Visaul8 simulation technology to help develop their QueVision system, now used in more than 2,300 stores. Read more…