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  • Production & Shipping planning
  • Transportation Planning
  • Delivery Scheduling
  • Allocation of movable resources


  • Smoother running plant
  • Better labor scheduling
  • Better inventory management
  • Greater profitability

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Supply Chain Network Optimization

Utilizes the V8-APS supply chain planning module to plan and evaluate the location of customer service branches across North America. The system uses historical sales data and future revenue projections, weighed against freight and operating costs, to determine the optimal branch network, while recommending new branch locations

Vessel Routing Optimization

Visual8’s routing optimization tool allowed Algoma to evaluate several transportation network scenarios related to the distribution requirements of two cement producers in Ontario.  The tool optimized ship plans for a given network scenario and output key performance metrics in order to compare the scenarios, answering important questions, such as the best vessel deployment strategy for the collective shipping requirements of these two cement producers and the costs associated with each scenario.

Transportation Cost Minimization

  • Ship from closest depots
  • Efficient split shipments to maximize cargo capacity
  • Allocate production based on transportation cost and production capacity

Supply Network Capacity Management

  • Analyze network capacity
  • Evaluate capital expenditures
  • Maximize capacity under with current resources

Delivery Schedule Optimization

  • Minute-by-minute delivery scheduling
  • Includes product draw-down, travel times, loading/unloading rates, delivery windows

Optimal Resource Allocation

Allocate movable resources to maximize service at minimal operating expense
Example: traveling nurses

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