The Visual8 software platform uses algorithm-driven modules to help companies maximize operational efficiency, reduce waste and increase profitability.

Visual8 Platform

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Our Visual8 Platform is a unique software system.It consists of a suite of customizable modules that can be implemented based on each customers’ production needs. Each algorithm-driven module is designed to optimize specific functions within the production process.

How do we do it?

Each module is customized to your operational specifics providing an accurate planning and operational digital blueprint. Whether you need to simulate a planned change or find efficiencies in your current operations, the Visual8 platform provides solutions that:






Regulation Compliance

The Visual8 Platform has been real-world proven hundreds of times. Visit our case studies page for more details.

Visual8’s versatile suite of modules is customized to help clients solve complex production challenges. Specifically:

Advanced Capacity Planning

This is where the money is.

Better planning means better profits

Capacity Planning is an integral APS module providing long-term production planning capability against forecasted demand.  Simulating the manufacture of future orders, the module provides a realistic view of plant resource utilization and requirements.

  • Interactive graphical views of consolidated demand and projected resource utilization to synch sales and operations data


  • Optimized long-term plan based on consolidated demand and capacity

Features& Benefits

  •   Allows for locking in of customer and forecast priorities
  •   “What-if” demand planning against finite production capacity

  • Establishes a more profitable product mix
  • Supports S&OP through optimization and rapid experimentation

Sales & Operation Management.

Better align your sales and operations.

Ensuring you can deliver what you promise

The Order Management module provides CSRs with a user-friendly sales entry, promise-date and order validation system.  It manages customer orders across finishing plants, allocating orders against available capacity, WIP, and creating efficient marriages.

Features & Benefits

  •   Balances committed vs. forecast demand
  •   Comprehensive change tracking/auditing allows for side-by-side and before/after comparisons of long-term Sales and Production plans
  •   Instantaneous feedback on capacity and lead-time information for customer inquiries
  •   Configurable with business rules and capacity parameters
  •   Financial forecast breakdown based on inputted or imported pricing information

Intelligent Production Planning

Automatically Balance Production and Demand.

Leaving nothing to chance

Integrated translation of sales orders into manufacturing orders (MOs).

Features & Benefits

  • Automatically balance production with demand
  • Supports make-to-order or make-to-stock planning to make best use of existing inventory and WIP
  • Optimally “marries” production into resource-efficient campaigns
  • Powerful manual overrides for production order creation, adjustment, and allocation
  • Visualization and tracking of orders through facility
  • Optimizes Production for greater efficiencies

Automated Production Scheduling

Forget Excel spreadsheets. 

Harnessing digital world opportunities

Production schedules are generated that sequence manufacturing orders through each major manufacturing process, respecting order due dates and resource constraints.  The schedule optimizes production to satisfy business objectives.

Features and Benefits

  • Cutting-edge multi-objective optimization for sequencing and batching applications
  • Interactive drag/drop Gantt Chart for instantaneous schedule overrides. 
  • Schedules account for complex changeovers, tooling/resource constraints
  • Scheduling levers control weighting of key preferences for each work area and global objectives
  • Prioritization overrides allow giving preference to any customer/order
  • Manual allocation and re-sequencing of MOs/coils by station with locking capability

Advanced Analytics & Optimization

Combining cutting-edge mathematical and data models to solve complex puzzles.

Just in time is on the money

Optimization is ideal when trying to make complex decisions that are affected by many different constraints. Visual8’s optimization tools are being used by companies across the world to reduce costs, balance production, increase yields and a great deal more.

Features & Benefits

  • Balance millions of variable and constraints with one click
  • Built to solve a type of problem – can be used over and over with different inputs
  • Leverages world-class search engines and algorithms
  • Customized to your specific constraints
  • Many deployment options – embedded, standalone, cloud, etc.
  • Flexible, tailored, easy to use

Production Modeling & Simulation

Test improvement ideas in a virtual representation of plant operations,

distribution network or any business process.

Simulation modelling provides decision-makers and managers with the equivalent of a virtual representation of their plant operations, distribution network, supply-chain or any business process, allowing them to test out improvement ideas in a quick and risk-free manner.

Features & Benefits

  • Highly flexible simulation platform for rapid model development
  • Fully scalable solutions, able to integrate with company data systems
  • Accurately capture real-world process randomness and interdependencies
  • Quickly identify and develop resolutions for production bottleneck
  • Determine correct labor requirements avoiding unnecessary staffing/overhead
  • Test out ideas risk-free and gain more insight into your operation

Servicing over 1/4 of the Fortune 100 Companies

Read what our clients say.

Visual8 Pharmacy Shipping Optimization Saves Millions

Visual8 Pharmacy Shipping Optimization Saves Millions

In 2021, consumers can have almost anything delivered conveniently to their front door – including prescription medications. With the prescription-based US online pharmacy market growing at 19% and expected to hit $132 billion by 2026, the race is on to...

Timken – Boosted Throughput

Timken – Boosted Throughput

Our V8-APS Sequencer and Order Management module helped provide developing lineups balance objectives of throughput, energy usage and due date conformance the capability to track order progress and release orders for production across four thermal...

Novelis – Improved On-Time Performance

Novelis – Improved On-Time Performance

Using an order allocation module, Visual8 determined the optimal set of coils to run at each plant in order to satisfy all customer orders while considering a number of criteria including maximum metal recovery, maximum coil width and minimum freight...

Arcelor Mittal – Reduced WIP

Arcelor Mittal – Reduced WIP

Employed an early version of V8-APS to manage the casting and rolling operations within the hot end of their Inland Steel plant in Gary Indiana. This planning and scheduling system synchronized iron and steel making across three continuous casters feeding...

Aleris – Increased Yields

Aleris – Increased Yields

Common planning and scheduling solution implemented across three (3) major North American Aluminum plants One plant (using Oracle ERP) was experiencing operational issues as a result of combing multiple plants and production lines into one facility Another...

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