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  • Helps coordinate complex regulatory constraints
  • Design bulk production campaigns to meet variable demand
  • Allocate raw materials in accordance with demand and regulations
  • Reduce WIP and plan ahead for regulatory/demand changes

Visual8 APS

The Visual8-APS platform has been successfully tailored to suit the needs of pharma manufacturers including managing complex regulations and market restrictions that may vary over time. Generate optimal production campaigns in accordance with fluctuations in long-term demand and regulatory constraints.

Job Shop Scheduling


Production Sequencing


Capacity Planning


Inventory Management


Production Planning


Human Resource Allocation


Improve Pharmaceutical or Healthcare Profitability with Visual8

It costs hundreds of millions of dollars to bring a new drug to market. The fastest way to recoup those costs is through well-designed automated efficiencies.
Visual8 excels in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Let us help you maximize profitability in a profit-eating industry.

S&OP Support for Blood Plasma Production

Octapharma, one of the largest human protein products manufacturers in the world, contracted Visual8 to design and develop an integrated planning solution which would provide decision support to the corporate planning team. Visual8 delivered a cutting-edge, SAP-integrated solution which determines allocation of production in order to fulfil demand while balancing shifting resources and strict regulatory requirements.

Optimized Mail Sort Planning for Drug Delivery

Visual8’s helped Medco reduce costs through by replacing their manual planning process with an automated mail sort planning system that optimized their supply chain, rapidly assessed alternative sort plans, simulated what-if scenarios, and provided visibility to downstream costs and the implementation of optimized mail sort plans.

Maximized Efficiency of Staff Deployment

Visual8’s advanced simulation model enabled the Environmental Services Department at Washington Hospital Center to optimize the use and delivery of resources to satisfy current workload levels and performance requirements. Through this, the department was able determine appropriate staffing levels and develop more efficient operating and dispatch procedures. This led to a 20% reduction in the bed turnaround time.

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