Our Partners

As part of our commitment to provide our customers with the best and most cost-effective solutions for their business needs, we have developed alliance partnerships with the following companies:

Stigmergy Solutions combines Lean Thinking with Advanced Industrial/Systems Engineering and Operations Research Techniques to help organizations achieve higher levels of operational efficiency. Stigmergy Solutions is focused on helping companies identify and tackle hidden wastes in their processes by designing ‘right engineered solutions’ that enable improvements and drive growth. Learn More.
Toronto Intelligent Decision Engineering Laboratory (TIDEL) is a lab at University of Toronto whose research, including joint projects with Visual8, focuses on the extension of AI and optimization techniques such as constraint programming, local search, hybrid AI/OR techniques, stochastic optimization and machine learning to solve challenging problems in fields including scheduling, robotics and supply chain management. Learn more.
FICO is a leading analytics software company, helping businesses in 90+ countries make better decisions that drive higher levels of growth, profitability and customer satisfaction. FICO provides analytics software and tools used across multiple industries to manage risk, fight fraud, build more profitable customer relationships, optimize operations and meet strict government regulations. Learn more. 
KEOPS Technologies Inc. is the developer of KEOPS Operations Suite, a feature-rich MES tailored solution that enables plants to manage operations efficiently, plan production, forecast inventory and reduce costs. As a modular solution, KEOPS Operations Suite integrates with Visual8’s V8-APS platform to provide a unique, closed-loop APS-MES solution specifically tailored to the metals industry. Learn more.
SIMUL8 Corporation is the developer of SIMUL8, a powerful, flexible simulation software that anyone can use to visualize, evaluate, and improve any process. Used by the world’s most innovative simulation teams, SIMUL8 is the benchmark for fast, flexible simulation modelling. Learn more.
Applied materials is the developer of AutoMod, a leading graphical simulation software tool that provides true-to-scale 3-D simulation of your manufacturing and distribution operations from any angle. It is the only simulation tool on the market that can model large, complex manufacturing and automation systems, whether they’re in operation or in the planning stages. Learn more.