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  • Refinery Plant Capacity Planning.
  • Equipment Maintenance Planning.
  • Underground Operations Process Modeling.
  • Tank Farm Planning.
  • Material Handling and Transportation Planning.


  • Improved Process Efficiencies.
  • Reduced Downtime.
  • Better Equipment Utilization.
  • Boosted Throughput.

Refinery Plant Capacity Planning

Better Aligning Capacity with Demand

Increasing Smelter Production

Determining Mine Expansion Feasibility

Extreme volatility in global commodity prices and an increasingly competitive marketplace are placing tremendous pressures on many oil, gas and mining companies to improve capacity planning, optimize plant, mine, mill and transport operations and find ways to reduce overall costs.

Improve Capacity Planning, Optimize Plant, Mine, Mill and Transport to Reduce Overall Costs

Visual8’s solutions account for unique nuances of the oil, gas and mining industries such as:

  • Complex routing rules and product constraints for different petroleum commodity types through refinery, transportation and storage facility processes
  • Rigid smelting furnace sequencing and metallurgical properties restrictions
  • Sub-surface mine ore-flow operations scheduling limitations and process interdependencies


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Refinery Tank Management Planning System.

Developed a planning tool to help verify capacity constraints and crude throughput, as well as experiment with different delivery schedules for refineries. System accurately represents the entire flow from source to refinery to customer, tracking tank inventory and crude throughput during the entire planning horizon. Detailed activity logs, including daily crude deliveries, tank transfers, and shortages provide important data required for analysis, and results are then be used to evaluate options for expanding or reducing capacity, and the effects of projected future demand.

Copper Cliff Smelter Converter Aisle Planning

Constructed a large-scale simulation tool to evaluate different methods of running the Converter Aisle at Vale Copper Cliff Smelter to determine the most effective operating strategy at high production rates. Processing equipment modeled included 6 Converters, 2 Furnaces and a Cu Washout Converter as well as materials handling equipment including gantry cranes, transfer cars and slag locomotive.
The system accurately predicts output under a variety of different scenarios and can quickly identify feasible operating strategies which achieve higher levels of production with minimal disruption to the process. It is also able to monitor power consumption, conduct feed rate analysis and facilitate long-term planning.

Kidd Mine Operations Simulation and Planning Tool.

Developed a detailed planning tool to help evaluate the production and operational feasibility of various mine expansion scenarios. The system accurately simulates the flow of ore from the stopes through to crushers; from underground storage bins to hoists up to the surface all on a ton-by-ton basis. An extensive set of output reports allows the engineering team to quickly evaluate the mine’s projected production under different operating parameters, rules and scenarios.
Glencore were able to determine that target ore throughput could be reached within current ore-flow capacity constraints as well as allow their planners to calculate the correct levels of equipment and staffing needed to reach these goals. The tool continues to be used for long-term production and maintenance planning, supporting mining operations well beyond the anticipated life of the mine.

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