Metals Production Planning & Scheduling

Taking the wrinkles out of metals processing.

A Specialized Metals Production Planning & Scheduling Solution


  • Capacity Planning for S&OP
  • Tactical Demand Management
  • Optimal Manufacturing & Procurement
  • Production Sequencing
  • Real-time Supply Chain Monitoring


  • Process Modelling
  • Process Bottleneck Analysis
  • Material Use Optimization
  • ‘What if’ Analysis

Maximize Yields

Ensure Delivery Dates

Minimize WIP

Boosted Throughput

Snapshot Production Planning Numbers

In our business, it’s all about the numbers. Here are a few on metals.


Fortune 100 Metals Companies using Visual8

million + tones scheduled per year



VISUAL8 Production Planning & Scheduling FOR METALS

Visual8 Metals Optimizes and Improves Metal Production Operations.

Spanning every operation, from raw materials procurement and melting, casting, through rolling, forming, stamping, forging, slitting and shipping, V8-APS can help streamline your metals operations.

Visual8’s metals solutions account for unique nuances of the metals industry such as:

  • Complex warmup and changeover rules on casters, mills and other work centers
  • Optimal slitting, cutting and allocation of on hand inventory to customer orders
  • Batching and campaigning constraints unique to metals

What we did for others we can do for you.

Aluminum Finishing Order Management, Multi-site Planning & Scheduling

Using an order allocation module, Visual8 determined the optimal set of coils to run at each plant in order to satisfy all customer orders while considering a number of criteria including maximum metal recovery, maximum coil width and minimum freight costs. Orders are efficiently married to make the best use of the metal available in a given coil while accounting for plant capacities and order due dates.

Steel Planning & Scheduling

Employed a Visual8-APS to manage the casting and rolling operations within the hot end of their Inland Steel plant in Gary Indiana. This planning and scheduling system synchronized iron and steel making across three continuous casters feeding an 80” hot mill with slabs. Taking i2’s Factory Planner orders the system was capable of building hot mill line-ups and simultaneously scheduling the casters. The system minimized slab yard inventory, saved energy by maximizing “warm” charging of the hot mill, and increased throughput on the mill by 15%.

Multi-site Aluminum Finishing Planning, Scheduling & Optimization

Visual8 used common planning and scheduling solutions implemented across three (3) major North American Aluminum plants.

Visual8’s APS increased visibility of upcoming production issues. The results were optimal production plan and schedule, a 32% increased throughput (360,000 lbs) on a key coating line, 5% reduction in wasted metal through better usage and forecasting a 9% increase in production plan for the following year.

Steel Heat Treatment Multi-site Order Management & Sequencing

Our V8-APS Sequencer and Order Management module helped provide developing lineups balance objectives of throughput, energy usage and due date conformance the capability to track order progress and release orders for production across four thermal treatment plants. The order management module included a scheduler for each of these plants, developing lineups that balance the objectives of throughput, energy usage and due date conformance.

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