Manufacturing Production Planning & Scheduling

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  • Superior shop floor synchronization
  • Better due date conformance
  • Better WIP planning and management
  • Reduced waste and increased throughput


  • Inventory Management
  • Labor Scheduling
  • Transportation Planning
  • Capital Planning

Identify Production Bottlenecks

Job Shop Scheduling

Optimal Work center Sequencing

Lean Manufacturing Initiatives

Today, coupled with the other process improvements that have been implemented, this particular plater is above 91% and as high as 96% schedule attainment.”

“We’re thrilled,” continues Albrecht. “And it’s not just the planners that are happy, the people on the floor also recognize that our scheduling is much more efficient.”

Don Albrecht

Lead Business Process Consultant, Moen

Visual8 Manufacturing Production Planning & Scheduling

Grasp manufacturing planning and operational efficiencies that translate directly to your bottom line, and make smarter decisions across your organization with Visual8. Our suite of modular APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) tools for manufacturing production planning and scheduling is built to incorporate your unique production processes, complete with all operational rules, dependencies and constraints, combined with the latest optimization techniques to provide you with an intelligent solution tailored to your business goals.

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Optimized Sequencing for Increased Throughput

Utilized hybrid sequence optimizers and simulation models to maximize throughput of multiple lines serving a wide multitude of products and industries.  Extensive what-if analysis enabled Corning to make better decisions in their day to day operations and focus heavily on process-improvement activities.


Improved Efficiency through Advanced Simulation Modeling

Simulation models of multiple ceiling tile manufacturing plants allowed Armstrong to re-design their business processes to maximize efficiency.  Visual8’s models were able to capture complex constraints around board mill sequencing and recirculation of scrap materials to give accurate pictures of plant performance.


Optimized and automated plating line daily sequencing

Visual8 utilized its best-in-class optimization engine, and custom programmed all of the mathematical models and algorithms needed to manage the process. They also used SAP-certified software to integrate directly with Moen’s SAP ERP system, enabling the Visual8 tool to generate optimized production sequences that maximize the throughput of a given work center on command.

Using SAP and Visual8, their planners are now empowered to make highly effective decisions and analysis, and run multiple sequences in minutes.


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