Against a backdrop of steadily increasing demand for their products, Maple Leaf Foods continuously adjusts operations to meet anticipated future supply requirements. When COVID-19 hit, they immediately needed the ability to accurately measure the impact of significant operational changes on both current and future production scenarios.

What impact would social distancing have on production lines? On staff resource scheduling? On materials handling? How should a company respond to rapid shifts in product demand or new supply constraints? How does a company fine tune current operations, as well as tailor future expansion plans to address the state of flux we are in?

Every decision made in COVIDs rapidly changing world has consequences. By utilizing Visual8 simulation, Maple Leaf Foods is able to see the projected impact of changes to a variety of customer demand scenarios through variables like employee shift patterns, new distancing requirements and other new production constraints. Highly detailed dynamic modelling is a must, because every change can have unintended consequences up and down production and supply lines. The effects of these consequences are often not visible when using traditional spreadsheet analysis.  It takes precision.

A long-standing Visual8 customer, Maple Leaf Foods has a strong commitment to using simulation modelling to guide their capital decisions. These decisions impact their bottom line. Today and in the future. These models are helping to keep our client operational and efficient at a time when many businesses are struggling to adapt to a new rapidly evolving landscape.

COVID19 is accelerating the need for predictive simulation modelling as a planning tool and Visual8 is proud to play a role in helping companies apply this technology within their organizations

Stay safe. Be kind. Make better decisions.