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  • Job shop Scheduling
  • Plant Layout Feasibility
  • Production Sequencing
  • Long-Term Capacity Planning
  • Process Bottleneck Analysis



  • Smoother running plant
  • Better labor scheduling
  • Better inventory management
  • Greater profitability

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Bottleneck Analysis

Production Sequencing

Capacity Planning

Assembly Line Balancing

Inventory and Buffer Sizing

Facilities Planning and Design

The results of your decision support tool were an excellent guide towards the superb implementation that we experienced in my area. We have reported $3.6 million/year savings per year and your tool was critical for a good part of this.

Victor DiCarlo,

Senior Engineer, General Motors

Optimize Equipment and Space Requirements for a New Assembly Parts Supply System

Introduced a Supplier Park concept to their final assembly plants utilizing Visual8’s logistics planning system. This multi-staged, supply system was tested and supported by our V8-Supply program which tracked part requirements across various stocking points. The system resulted in a drastic reduction in work in process; an increase in on-time-deliveries; and reduction of part damages and delivery costs. Read More link to GM on Case Studies page

Planning & Decision Support for Forklift Assembly

Incorporated a flex-assembly system into a forklift assembly plant. This cellular assembly process was to utilize a flexible staffing program to accommodate the variable work content of the various forklift models being produced. Our planning system helped predict manning requirements at each of the 100+ assembly cells over the week as well as parts consumption and replenishments. This new assembly process led to a significant increase in the plants productivity and forklift output.

A solution to determine an expansion’s ability to meet target production requirements.

Customized decision support tool allowed AGS to successfully pinpoint bottleneck workstations on a new assembly line through analysis of projected idle time, blocked time, and average work queue reports generated by the simulation. Allowed AGS to easily examine alternative process flows and workstations arrangements for future growth.

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