Automotive plants are beginning to re-open after COVID-19 shutdowns. However, this is coming with a great deal of variability and uncertainty around anticipated timelines and plant volumes. So, with a large aluminum metal production facility and a network of 3rd-party processors idling, our customer needs to determine: Which units to open? When to open them? And for how long? Can they effectively repurpose inventory across customers to meet fluctuating demand? With the large volumes of data to consider and the world changing rapidly, manually evaluating all scenarios is simply not a feasible option.

Having recently implemented Visual8’s Advanced Production Planning module, our customer is able to tie together inventory and demand data from multiple internal and external sources. Now rather than taking days to model a particular scenario, it can be done in minutes. This enables them to make rapid, ongoing, data-supported decisions on when to open and close its various operations to meet fluctuating demand. This is helping them meet their customers’ needs while protecting their own business and the long-term livelihoods of their employees.

No business can escape the COVID economy. Today, we are dealing with wild oscillations in supply and demand, a vulnerable workforce and an uncertain future. Everyone is looking for ways to navigate the COVID-19 business landscape.

How do we guarantee supply when demand is unpredictable? How do we save jobs if we don’t have the revenue to pay people? How do we adapt to changing and uncertain times that have no playbook?

At a time when a business’ mere existence can be on the line, the benefits of reactive and efficient planning cannot be overstated.

Visual8 is proud to play a role in helping companies manage uncertainty through these unprecedented times.