As customers, we’re being trained by Google, Netflix, Starbucks, Uber and a host of other hugely successful and disruptive companies to expect highly personalized products and services tailored to our specific needs. This growing “have it your way” expectation isn’t limited to consumer products.  Innovative B2B companies are finding explosive growth by applying the same thinking within their own categories leading to new business models and the applying technologies like Visual8 in new ways.


Visual8 Powers Medical Equipment Sales Punch

One major US medical diagnostics equipment manufacturer is harnessing Visual8 as a means to deliver customization at scale. Arming their in-the-field business development team with Visual8’s easy-to-use, tablet-enabled and cloud-based planning and simulation tools, they now frame sales pitches with customized lab solutions — on-site, in real-time and using the prospects’ own data. Leveraging Visual8’s cloud-based simulation technology and embedded Microsoft PowerBI data visualization, Business Development Teams even optimize equipment configurations with their prospects and project efficiency and effectiveness based on their prospects’ target KPIs.


Leaning in on Optimization for the Future

Already winning the customization at scale game, the same US medical diagnostic equipment manufacturer is using Visual8 to help optimize their product and marketing efforts.  The accumulated lab data collected from around the world can be used with Visual8’s web portal integration with PowerBI, to generate powerful visualization graphs, charts, pivot tables and analytics that help their business strategists identify global and regional trend insights – insights that are guiding their future business thinking.


At Visual8, we’re excited by the way innovators are using our cloud-based planning and simulation tools to help shape their futures. As more and more business recognize the imperative to design and build new approaches, facilities, plants, lines and capabilities into their business, we look forward to being an integral part of their future growth success.