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  • Job shop Scheduling
  • Autoclave Loading Strategies
  • Plant Layout Feasibility
  • Production Sequencing
  • Long-Term Capacity Planning
  • Process Bottleneck Analysis


Our advanced planning and scheduling tool is designed specifically for composites manufacturers.

We can help your production planning & scheduling

COMPASS proved itself to have a very powerful engine that could be customized to handle all of our exact business requirements.
Renier Bosman

Head of Operations, TATA Advanced Materials Limited

By automating the scheduling process at the Center, we can now schedule the entire production facility, taking into consideration all operations and providing an end-to-end visibility of the process. significant saving have already been identified as a result of smart flow.
Mer Parhizkary

Principal Engineer, Northrop Grumman

COMPASS is a real-time support tool embedded with intelligent scheduling logic to take the guesswork out of schedule creation and production planning.

COMPASS is an Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) solution for composites manufacturers, providing a host of decision support features to assist in either planning or scheduling, or both. Using a finite-capacity Production Model, COMPASS captures your process to the precise level of detailed required (including autoclave batches, changeover rules, labor availability, etc.) to produce accurate and feasible schedules. For more information on COMPASS

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COMPASS Planning & Scheduling

Implemented an early version of Visual8’s COMPASS system, called SmartFlow, to oversee the manufacture of composite parts for their military aircraft programs including the F18 and F35 fighter jet series. The system was implemented to improve the timeliness of completed parts and reduce work in process. From improved utilization of Autoclaves to the fast re-scheduling of work programs, this tool provided the flexibility the facility required to provide a responsive composites manufacturing capability.

Increase Operational Efficiency and Reduce Scheduling Time by 75%

With COMPASS, TAML has the capability to achieve nearly 100% on time delivery, maximize throughput, optimize resource allocation and effectively monitor shop-floor performance. Scheduling time has been reduced by 57% and TAML has new visibility and control over their manufacturing processes.

Capacity Planning & Scheduling

Contracted Visual8 to develop a capacity planning system for their planned production of satellites for Teledesic Corporation. This high-volume satellite production program required a modular assembly process more akin to an automotive assembly line. Detailed scheduling of skilled resources and usage of specialized testing equipment was critical to the achievement of the demanding delivery dates from the customer.

Eliminate Bottlenecks

Northrop Grumman sought an advanced planning and scheduling (APS) tool for its El Segundo Composites Manufacturing Center.

Visual8 was brought onsite to assess the existing manufacturing process and to develop a suitable APS system in response to Northrop Grumman’s needs. The result of this work was the SmartFlow tool; a live, intelligent planning and scheduling system with customized operating rules and interface. Read more
Improve Key Processes


At the core of any composite production are key processes that everything else needs to coordinate around.

Visual8 has a range of planning, scheduling and optimization solutions that can help identify and eliminate process bottlenecks, improve the utilization of key processes such as autoclaves, minimize WIP and ensure customer delivery dates are met.

Our Aerospace and Composites solutions include:

Minimize WIP

WIP excesses dramatically compromise a company's ability to meet delivery schedules. You can't afford that.

Analyzing the production cycle from delivery of raw materials to a product ready for shipping, Visual8 can identify the causes of excessive WIP and develop solutions to dramatically reduce the WIP level. For some, we have achieved a 40% reduction in WIP levels. Wouldn’t your organization benefit from that? Contact us for more information.
Ensure Customer Delivery Dates

Better late than never just doesn't cut it.

In aviation, delivery times and dates have a chain reaction. One delay impacts an entire chain of delivery for the end customer and even the flying public. We have specifically tailored our COMPASS product to help efficiently coordinate key process functions in order to accurately predict (and promise) delivery dates.


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