What began as a programming passion in 1995 is now a global APS specialist company

The Visual8 customized software platform maximizes plant operational efficiency, reduces waste and increases profitability. It’s that simple. 

The unique Visual8 advanced planning and scheduling software platform enables us to deliver better solutions for our customers, more quickly, at less cost.

Who we serve

Whether you are the Operations Manager, the VP of Operations or the CIO,
your company looks to you to contribute to a smooth running and profitable company.
You are the kind of person we work with.

How we serve

The unique Visual8 software platform solves efficiency, capacity, scheduling and delivery challenges.
Through our customizable modules, we have created an APS platform that works across all industries sectors.

What sets us apart

40% WIP

Minimize Work-In-Progress delays.

88% Repeat Customers

Find out why so many customers rely on Visual8 to achieve optimum production efficiencies.

Seamless integration with SAP/ERP

With no interface issues, Visual8 systems easily integrate with SAP and Oracle systems.

Quickly and easily implemented

With a user-friendly interface and easy integration into existing programs, Visual8 will have you optimized and operational in just 4-6 months.

Integrates with existing systems

With a user-friendly designed platform, there are no steep learning curves.

Competitively priced

Dollar for dollar and feature for feature, nobody beats us on value.


Repeat Customers

We believe we have the best customer service in the industry. And our high number of repeat customers speaks volumes about both our products and our people. It’s no wonder we can offer a strong guarantee. We know you’ll probably never have to use it.

Stay up-to-date with Visual8 and innovative advanced planing and optimization solutions.

You haven’t explored all your advanced planning and optimization options until you’ve talked to us.