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With the Visual8 software platform, you’ll enjoy maximized operational efficiency, reduced waste and increased profitability.

The Visual8 Platform is a Suite of Advanced Planning and
Scheduling Software Modules

Experience the Visual8 Advantage

Better Pricing

Visual8 software platform modules enable us to quickly customize to meet your needs. Faster means less cost.

Better Support

Responsive, human-to-human support and free software updates for contract clients are just some of the reasons we set the standard for support.


Better ROI

ROI in just 6 to 12 months. The faster the ROI, the faster you see increased profits

How do we do it?

A Better Software Solution.

The Visual8 software platform uniquely integrates customizable modules to deliver superior efficiency and advance planning and scheduling solutions more quickly, at a lower cost than Visual8’s competitors. The result?

Better Integration

Seamless integration with ERP/MES

Better Planning

Reduce planning and scheduling efforts by 90%

Better implementation

From start to up-and-running in just 4 – 6 months

Visual8 Advantages

Visual8 has earned a strong reputation for providing effective software solutions, benchmark customer service and an unheard-of ROI. Learn how Visual8 can help you reap the benefits of production efficiencies and optimization.

40% Increased efficiency on WIP

We help our customers run leaner by synchronizing the spans of their supply chains.

88% Repeat Customers

Find out why so many customers rely on Visual8 to achieve optimum production efficiencies.

Increase Throughput by 10%+

Eliminate operational waste and make the best use of resources to make and ship more, faster.

Unprecedented Customer Service

With responsive, human-to-human customer service and technical support as well as free software updates, Visual8 raises the bar of the industry’s customer service standards.

Stay up-to-date with Visual8 and innovative advanced planning and optimization solutions. 

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Visual8 Solutions

We apply advanced, customized, algorithm-driven modules to help companies find, improve, implement and maintain production efficiencies.

Advanced Capacity Planning

Manages long-term demand forecasts vs. plant capacity.

Sales & Operations Management

Helps ensure the sales team promise is in sync with the operational capacity.

Intelligent Production Planning

Coordinating production and procurement plans.

Automated Production Scheduling

Maintains the optimized minute-by-minute production schedule.

Advanced Analytics & Optimization

Solving complex system problems with easy to understand visualizations.

Production Modeling & Simulation

Test improvement ideas in a virtual representation of plant operations, distribution network or any business process.

Visual8 Cloud

Provides IT outsourcing support on a cloud-based server. You never have to worry about DATA loss and you can access remotely.

Visual8 Flagship Products


COMPASS is the most advanced decision support system available for composites manufacturers.  COMPASS provides Resource Optimization, Enhanced Monitoring, and On-Time Delivery requirements, unique to composites manufacturing.


Designed for metal producers including steel and aluminum, Visual8 Metals is a fully integrated Advanced Planning and Scheduling System that spans the entire manufacturing process.

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From just around the corner to all around the world, Visual8 has been applying custom software solutions to help companies improve plant efficiencies and increase profitability.

Visual8 News

Visual8 Pharmacy Shipping Optimization Saves Millions

Visual8 Pharmacy Shipping Optimization Saves Millions

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Stay up-to-date with Visual8 and innovative advanced planing and optimization solutions.

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