Visual8 APS Solutions

Advanced Planning and Scheduling or APS systems are computer-based informational systems that support business operational and tactical decision-making. They are typically designed to help management, planning or operations make decisions in environments which may be rapidly changing and/or difficult to specify in advance.

Visual8 specializes in the use of computer simulation and modeling combined with detailed optimization techniques to develop sophisticated, dynamic APS tools to help clients reduce thier planning and scheduling efforts by up to 90% and work in progress costs by 40%.

How can an Advanced Planning and Scheduling System help me?

Traditional tools such as spreadsheets or simple high-level capacity-based programs can be laborious to set up or change and are largely ineffective when dealing with complex production systems.

Our APS systems incorporate your unique production processes, complete with all operational rules, dependencies and constraints, combined with the latest optimization techniques to provide you with an intelligent, fast and scalable planning and scheduling solution tailored to meet your business goals. Benefits include:

    • Faster planning and scheduling
    • Improved equipment and resource utilization
    • Reduced work in process and inventory levels
    • More balanced workloads and increased throughput

We offer a number of APS solutions to accommodate your business needs.

Our V8-APS Solution Suite uses cutting-edge process modeling and optimization to offer advanced, end-to-end production planning and scheduling.

With a suite of modules including activity-based costing, production scheduling, capacity planning and shipping, V8-APS can be customized to meet specific requirements and integrates with both legacy and commercial ERP and MES systems.

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Aleris Aluminum Planning and Scheduling System

COMPASS is an advanced production planning, scheduling and optimization tool designed for manufacturers of high-performance aerospace composites products. It is based on our modular V8-APS software platform and provides a fully-integrated Advanced Planning and Scheduling System that spans the entire composites manufacturing process.

COMPASS is the result of Visual8’s decades of modeling and optimization experience in the Aerospace industry, neatly packaged into a single, easy-to-use application.

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COMPASS Composites Planning and Scheduling System

COMPASS Composites APS