Visual8 Optimization Solutions

Optimization is the selection of the best choice from a set of possible alternatives. Given a set of constraints, optimization generates the input values that push the objective to its very best value. Applications range from maximizing throughput, or line balance, to minimizing procurement costs, or yield loss.

Visual8’s business analysts and optimization specialists are experienced in a wide range of optimization applications that can help you automate your decision process and guarantee excellent results quickly and reliably.

How Can Optimization Help?

Optimization is ideal when trying to make complex decisions that are affected by many different constraints. Visual8’s optimization tools are being used by companies across the world to reduce costs, balance production, increase yields and a great deal more. Our solutions have helped business realize the following benefits:

  • Achieve optimal results in a fraction of the time, allowing more time for analysis and experimentation
  • Store all your information in one interface and free yourself from the sea of Excel tabs and workbooks
  • Instantly generate reports for each scenario, including detailed results and key performance indicators
  • Combine optimization and simulation to generate a plan and visualize the results for extremely powerful solutions

We offer a wide range of optimization services to accommodate your business needs. Let our in-house development team design a system tailored to your specific needs and industry.

Have a complex production or manufacturing environment with many business rules, precedence or resource constraints and struggle to maintain an efficient flow?

Visual8’s optimization specialists can create custom mathematical models of your process, integrated directly with your datasystems, that generate optimized production schedules – helping you better manage the sequencing of your production flow to maximize efficiency and minimize waste.

Learn how Visual8 helped Timken Steel optimally schedule their production furnaces

Timken Automated Furnace Sequencing System

Are you a highly regulated organization with a challenging planning environment?

Visual8 helps planners balance market demands, regulatory constraints and plant capabilities with an integrated production planning solution, providing decision support. Our solutions help with allocation of production in order to fulfil demand while balancing resources.

Learn how Visual8 helped Octapharma’s corporate planning team

Visual8 signs on to develop custom capacity planning system for Octapharma.