V8-APS Aluminum Planning & Scheduling

Powerful Planning and Scheduling Software for your Aluminum Plant

Designed for producers of aluminum coil and slit products, V8-APS Aluminum is a fully-integrated Advanced Planning and Scheduling System that spans the entire manufacturing process.

The result of decades of experience in the metals industry, neatly packaged into a single, easy-to-use application, V8-APS Aluminum incorporates a suite of modules including everything from capacity planning to slit pattern optimization, delivering a highly customizable system able to meet your specific plant requirements and integrate directly with your ERP and MES systems.


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Capacity Planning

Experiment with equipment and product mix changes to determine real capacity constraints using long-term forecasts

Sales Order Management

Empower the sales team with the ability to instantly provide reliable promise dates to your customers

Production Planning

Plan production over dynamic stocking points with flexible replenishment strategies to reduce WIP and increase service levels

Production Scheduling

Use interactive Gantt charts to view or edit machine lineups, keeping you in charge of you operations

Settings and Configuration

Control scheduling preferences and plant constraints with user-friendly configuration parameters

Supplies Management

Forecast consumable inventory and requirements to generate timely and economic replenishment orders

Packing and Shipping

Coordinate schedules with packaging and shipping operations to ensure you never miss a delivery

Cost Accounting

Track real-time manufacturing costs and profit margins across machine centers and product lines


Compared to traditional aluminum planning and scheduling tools, such as spreadsheets or high-level capacity-based models which can be difficult to set up or change and are often ineffectual when managing complex production systems, V8-APS for Aluminum offers a number of advantages.

  • More accurate views of plant capacity generated by detailed production models
  • Advanced scheduling engine able to incorporate all your operating nuances
  • Optimized 2D slitting routines to maximize coil recovery
  • Customizable and scalable modules to fit your specific plant needs
  • Full integration with ERP and MES for real-time decision support
  • Highly graphical and detailed reporting of all results and KPIs
  • First-rate Support and Warranty to secure your best practices for future planners

Find out how V8-APS for Aluminum can help streamline and improve your plant operations. Contact us today!