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Strategic Health and Social Care Planning

Scenario Generator is the first and only simulation software tool for strategic planning that enables design and simulation of care pathways within whole health and social care systems. This supports strategic decision-making and the planning, commissioning and design of new models of care.

How does Scenario Generator work?

Scenario Generator works on the basis of generating patient related events e.g admissions and consultations, based on national or local information on population, prevalence of conditions and health and human services utilization.

This information is matched to key population chracteristics to allow the impact of population health, size and demography to be modeled.

Patient and service-user related events are routed down care pathways and the user can edit or modify these to replicate local pathways and utilization. The number of events in a setting, i.e in patient care, GP consulations, domiciliary care etc, is then reported to show activity, waiting time, costs, constraints and capacity changing as a scenario unfolds. Any scenario can be paused to allow the user to take stock when problems are beginning to emerge.

The scenario manager allows the user to go into the system and alter any assumption or to change default and local data in order to replicate the impact of a future scenario. The user can also identify the period over a scenario will run, from 1 to 50 years.

Is Scenario Generator for me?

Designed to support strategic capacity planning in the healthcare industry, scenario generator is extremely powerful but may not be suitable for all. Scenario generator users can be segmented into two distinct user groups, “Strategic” and “Operational”.

Strategic modeling takes a macro approach to modeling a system as a whole and is useful for answering high level questions such as:

  • What should our annual plan be?
  • What will the impact of population growth or change in prevalence on health service demand
  • What is the impact of significant system or pathway change
  • What is the impact of specific change on the wider system
Looking at your operations from a micro perspective, operational modeling looks in detail at your weekly or daily processes. Allowing you to analyze every aspect of your process and easily identify areas which require optimization. For example:

  • Management of throughput at a clinic
  • Operating theater utilization
  • Planning for winter pressures
  • Managing Emergency Departments
  • Improving patient discharge
  • Planning for resource requirements to meet daily, weekly variation in demand

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