AutoMod 3D Simulation Software

AutoMOD 3D Process Simulation Software

AutoMod simulation software meets the needs of both the casual, first-time user and the full-time simulation model builder. You can easily and accurately simulate systems of any size or level of detail, from manual operations to fully automated facilities.

Communicate in 3D

Dive right into the heart of your processes using AutoMod’s advanced 3D modeling. Using the AutoMod CAD editor highly accurate (up to 1/100th of mm) 2D and 3D simulation models can be created. The editor is object orientated allowing rapid development of conveyors, layouts and machinery using the library of predefined models.
Already have a layout you want to model?
Not a problem, AutoMod can import drawings from your CAD system (AutoCAD, Pro Engineer, etc) and quickly convert them into the foundation of a powerful 3D simulation Model.

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Communicate in 3D

Once you have imported your CAD drawings and created all your objects (or imported them from the AutoMod library) you can start to customize object behavior.

The true power of AutoMod lies in the ability to mimic real world behavior in meticulous detail. Every object and process can be customized using AutoMod’s built in logic (4GL). For non programmers AutoMod also allows behavior variables to be set using the more familiar spreadsheet interface.

These features alone provide enough variability to model most processes quickly and easily. If more detail is required to model extremely complex processes or objects AutoMod also supports advanced programming languages such as C and C++

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Advanced reporting and analysis

Automod simulation results and analysis screens

Once a model has been developed the user can now run the simulation thousands of times, in a matter of minutes testing many different scenarios. As a model is running the user can adjust time compression, slowing or speeding up the simulation, allowing them to dynamically adjust values and edit objects.

Performance and results are displayed using tables or results dashboards which dynamically update as the simulation is running. This live data provides instant feedback to the effects of changes made to the model.

Results and KPI data are saved to text files providing a simple method for sharing and importing simulation results.

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Communicate With 3D Graphics

AutoMod provides true to scale 3- D virtual reality animation, making simulation models easy to understand and invaluable for communicating new ideas or alternatives. When all aspects of an operation are viewed in a 3-D animated model, communication between management, production and engineering is dramatically improved. Project teams can examine the model from any angle and at any scale while the model is running.

Computer Aided Design

AutoMod contains CAD-like features to define the physical layout of manufacturing, material handling and distribution systems. AutoMod has a powerful graphical interface, which accurately captures the physical constraints of distance, size and space in 3-D.

Trust Accurate Statistics

AutoMod automatically generates statistical output reports and graphs. This output provides information on all aspects of your system, such as equipment utilization, inventory levels and the total time parts are in a facility. Statistical reports can be viewed
in tables or with built-in business graphics.

Charts and graphs enhance the understanding of your system and convey results to others.

Extend the Power of AutoMod

A variety of extensions to AutoMod are available for animations, Presentations, analysis and communications.

Advanced Process Simulation

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