The most powerful process simulation software available

SIMUL8 Process Simulation Software

SIMUL8 is the industry standard in process simulation software. It provides all you need to quickly create and run any process simulation model.

  • Industry-leading Process Simulation Software
  • Model your Business Operations quickly and accurately
  • Standard and Professional versions available
  • Fast, Powerful and Easy to Use
Scenario Generator Healthcare Process Simulation Software

Scenario Generator is the first and only process simulation software tool for human service strategic planning that enables design and simulation of clinical service pathways within whole health and social care systems.

  • Replicate existing service configuration
  • Reflect changes in population and capacity
  • Simulate flow, capacity, transactions
AutoMod 3D Process Simulation Software

The AutoMod Software suite of simulation tools provides an environment for building highly accurate engineering simulation models for analysis and development.

  • 3-D Simulation Modeling Software
  • True to scale Virtual Reality animation graphics
  • Expert-based Material Handling Templates
  • Optional Factoryworks Modules and Extensions available
Coil Trim Optimizer

Coil Trim Optimizer is designed for producers of slit coil to manage customer orders across finishing plants where typically orders are for less than whole-coil quantities.

  • Generate optimal order marriages
  • Solves hundreds of orders in seconds
  • Customizable to support the needs of any slit producer
  • Detailed reports describe KPIs and results

COMPASS is an Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) solution for composites manufacturers, providing a host of decision support features to assist in either planning or scheduling, or both.

  • Leverages intelligent scheduling and batching algorithms
  • Adapt plans quickly to changes in demand and shop floor conditions
  • Full integration with existing enterprise systems
  • Risk-free scenario analysis for offline experimentation
Drug Procurement Optimizer

Drug Procurement Optimizer is designed specifically for Pharmacy Benefits Managers struggling to comply with wholesaler agreements while still minimizing spending.

  • Generates an optimal purchasing plan in minutes
  • Incorporates wholesaler requirements and incentive structures
  • Provides detailed reports on projected spending and inventory levels
  • Manages experimental scenarios for risk-free analysis
Tank Farm Planning System

The Tank Farm Planning System is a capacity planning and scheduling solution that models the processing, transfer and storage of liquids through tank farms and vat halls.

  • Accurately model plant capacity to evaluate capital expenditures
  • Generate and simulate a work schedule in just seconds
  • Avoid costly contamination mistakes
  • Improve due date conformance