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Product Overview: Coil Trim Optimizer – CTO

Minimize Trim Loss by Optimally Marrying Slit Coil Orders

The Coil Trim Optimizer is designed for producers of slit coil to manage customer orders across finishing plants where typically orders are for less than whole-coil quantities. The ideal way to reduce trim and finished goods inventory is to have the plants try to marry similar orders onto the same coil. An order marriage combines similar orders (alloy, temper, gauge) onto coils to fulfill the required slit-width orders and minimizes trim.

CTO Main Screen

Customer orders are entered into the CTO, which then provides recommendations on where they should be completed based on plant capacity and current workloads. The CTO also maximizes the recovery of each planned coil by creating order marriages for those that do not match full-coil quantities while respecting practices such as alloy, temper, gauge tolerance, and coating types.

The system allows for easy review and revision of marriages and provides manual overrides to adjust order quantities and promise dates before dispatching confirmed orders to the plants.

CTO Order Entry Screen

The CTO provides an order entry module where sales representatives can enter and view order quantities and promise dates, as well as make any adjustments during customer negotiations.

Using a combination of finite-capacity modeling with sophisticated algorithms, the CTO then provides intelligent recommendations on where to optimally allocate and produce customer orders based on plant capacities and current workloads while still respecting customer promise dates.

CTO Allocations Screen

Order marriage recommendations can be reviewed in detail using interactive screens, as well as graphical and tabular views of known and projected loads for all key processes. Users can easily navigate from an order to any of its associated marriages, and vice-versa.

Manual overrides also allow reps to adjust allocations as needed, before confirmed orders are dispatched to production. Once approved, the same detailed information is used for work order creation at the finishing plants to execute the marriages.

Features Summary:

  • Streamlined user interface for order entry.
  • Detailed views of plant capacity, order marriage, and adjustment recommendations
  • Finite-capacity model drawing from shop floor data and knowledge tables, for intelligent recommendations
  • Customizable allocation algorithms to support the specific needs of the order management process and staff
CTO Reroll Screen

The CTO enables a more streamlined and coordinated order management process and provides the means to improve plant capacity utilization and customer service levels.

Compared to manual practices, the CTO system outperforms existing methods both in terms of speed and results.

Key Benefits:

  • Standardized order management process
  • Secured best practices for plant allocations and order marriages
  • Maximized utilization of Coils, reduced Trim Loss and Coils needed to fulfil orders
  • Increased visibility of current and projected orders
  • Significantly reduced administrative effort – from hours to minutes

A leading producer of light-gauge aluminum products currently using a Visual8 CTO was able to achieve a 10% reduction in trim losses on a weekly basis. This translated into the equivalent of over 400,000 lbs of metal at a time, roughly 10-12 full coils, which monetarily saves the company over $1,000,000 per annum.


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CTO Main ScreenCTO Reroll ScreenCTO Allocations Screen