TFPS: Increase Throughput by Streamlining Tank Farm Operations

The Tank Farm Planning System is a capacity planning and scheduling solution that models the processing, transfer and storage of liquids through tank farms. By combining scheduling techniques with a simulation model, you can offset your capital investments by increasing the productivity of your existing resources.

TFPS Main Screen

The TFPS captures product routings, piping conflicts, storage capacities and best practices to accurately depict operations at your tank farm. It further applies advanced scheduling techniques in order to get the highest utilizations out of the scarcest resources.

Advanced planning features allow you to evaluate different storage configurations and demand mixes offline so you can justify the right investments only when you need to. Scheduling can be done in real-time in consideration of current demand, work in progress and downstream process schedules.

The TFPS standardizes the planning and scheduling process, reducing the reliance on local knowledge. Users can quickly and confidently sequence tank operations without the risk of making costly manual mistakes that can result in sub-optimal utilizations and costly contamination incidents.

TFPS Features

TFPS is an easy-to-use and highly customizable tool, equally adept at performing long-term capacity analysis and generating efficient day-to-day schedules.

  • Automated schedule generation in a matter of minutes
  • Finite-capacity model accurately depicts real-world plant operations
  • Customizable to support blending, filtration and changeover requirements
  • Highly visual interface emphasizing material flow and resource utilization
  • Advanced alerts of potential routing conflicts
  • Tailored reports indicate process performance and true operating capacity
TFPS Results

Some of the benefits of TFPS include:

  • Reduced investment due to improved resource utilization
  • Secured best practices for material handling and resource allocation
  • Increased visibility of current and projected loads
  • Enhanced due date conformance
  • Risk-free evaluation of new product launches and tank farm configurations
  • Improved utilization of key resources

Through improved resource utilization and enhanced planning and scheduling, a recent TFPS implementation increased plant capacity without capital investment, resulting in a savings of over $1,000,000.


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TFPS Main ScreenTFPS FeaturesTFPS Results