Recent challenges in the pharmaceutical industry are stimulating a new focus on the cost effective manufacture and distribution of pharmaceutical products.

Visual8 has a range of planning, scheduling and optimization solutions that can help manage some of the common challenges faced by pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Our Pharmaceutical solutions include:

  • Jobshop Scheduling
  • Plant Layout Feasibility
  • Production Sequencing
  • Process Bottleneck Analysis
  • Capacity Planning
  • Inventory Management

Let our team of planning experts show you how a Visual8 solution can improve your Pharmaceutical business. Contact us today!

Featured Product

Specifically designed for Pharmacy Benefits Managers, our Drug Procurement Optimizer (DPO) uses the latest in optimization mathematics to model the constraints of wholesaler agreements, direct supply offers and inventory management guidelines to quickly generate an optimal procurement plan to fulfill a given demand profile.

Drug Procurement Optimizer

Drug Procurement Optimizer

Success Stories

Octapharma contracted Visual8 to design and develop an integrated production planning solution, which provides decision support to the corporate planning team in its allocation of production in order to fullfil demand while balancing resources.
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