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Automotive Production Line

Visual8’s team of process modeling and optimization experts have created a suite of automotive Decision Support and Process Planning solutions.

Automotive Solutions


Production line

Visual8 offers a range of planning, scheduling and optimization solutions to meet challenges facing the Aerospace and Composites industry.

Aerospace Solutions

Food & Beverage

Food and Beverage Production Line

Visual8 has the strategic planning and process optimization solutions needed to improve efficiency, manage customer demand and product safety.

Food & Beverage Solutions

Metals Processing

Steel Processing Forge

Visual8 has developed an array of systems and solutions designed to optimize and improve operations across the production chain.

Metals Processing Solutions

Mining & Resources

Open-cast Mining Operation

Our Process Simulation and Decision Support Solutions for improve mine capacity planning, optimize mine and mill operations and find ways to reduce overall costs.

Mining & Resources

Logistics & Transport

Transport truck loading outside warehouse

Our Supply Chain Optimization and Logistics Solutions manage the flow of goods and services from points of origin to their final destination.

Logistics & Transport


Production line

Visual8 has developed a variety of  simulation, production scheduling, and process analysis tools to help in today’s lean manufacturing environment.

Manufacturing Solutions


Production line

Visual8’s planning, scheduling and optimization solutions help manage challenges faced by pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Pharmaceutical Solutions