Transportation and Logistics Project Browser

  • Warehouse Pick Cell Simulator
    Warehouse Pick Cell Simulator
    Visual8 was approached by the Kroger Company to develop a Pick Cell/Remote DC Simulator that would simulate store- and aisle-friendly product deliveries, with a labor-neutral impact on the overall supply chain system.
  • Train Service Plan Optimization
    Train Service Plan Optimization
    BNSF wanted an accurate estimate of the current cost and performance of trains operating across the corridor including refueling requirements. A joint modeling effort between Visual8 and BNSF produced a simulation model of the TransCon Traffic flow.
  • Warehouse Consolidation Capacity Analysis
    Warehouse Consolidation Capacity Analysis
    BNSF approached Visual8 to develop a supply chain simulation model of BNSF’s centralized distribution center to analyze the potential cost savings in transportation and inventory while maintaining high service levels on order delivery.
  • Supply Network Simulation
    Supply Network Simulation
    LCBO approached Visual8 to develop a SIMUL8 model of the entire LCBO supply-network that would provide a fast and user-friendly simulation tool that would generate graphical and informative reports.
  • Cell Manufacturing Plant Re-Engineering Simulation
    Cell Manufacturing Plant Re-Engineering Simulation
    The client contacted Visual8 to develop a SIMUL8 model of its plant operations to properly analyze the effects of an internal KanBan replenishment type process on its supply chain.
  • Border Traffic Flow Simulation
    Border Traffic Flow Simulation
    To help schedule commercial traffic in land crossing, Border Gateways approached Visual8 to develop a simulation model that would provide an analysis of the traffic system at a detailed level.