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  • Refinery Modernization Simulation
    Refinery Modernization Simulation
    Visual8 created a simulation to validate the design of planned process automation at the Vale Thompson Refinery under varying workload conditions and to provide insights on overall plant behavior.
  • Aluminum Re-Melt Material Flow
    Aluminum Re-Melt Material Flow
    Visual8 was contracted to develop a detailed simulation model of the re-melt facility to investigate the impact of Novelis’ proposed changes to the material flow in the Oswego plant Re-Melt facility.
  • Automated Furnace Sequencing System
    Automated Furnace Sequencing System
    Timken approached Visual8 to develop an affordable planning solution that was flexible and could automate the current system with the operating rules and constraints of the thermal treatment facility in mind.
  • Coil Trim Optimizer – CTO
    Coil Trim Optimizer – CTO
    Specifically designed for Suppliers of Slit Coil, the Coil Trim Optimizer (CTO) minimizes trim by optimally marrying slit coil orders onto finished coils.
  • Ingot Replenishment Pull System
    Ingot Replenishment Pull System
    Given lengthy lead-time for supply and the high-cost of aluminum, the receiving plant wanted to look at the potential of introducing lean methodologies for inventory replenishment.
  • Converter Aisle Configuration Optimization
    Converter Aisle Configuration Optimization
    Looking to increase the daily production output, the Copper Cliff Smelter wished to determine the best possible configuration for all of the elements within it’s Converter Aisle.