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  • Moen Plating Line Optimization
    Project Case Study: Moen Plating Line Optimization Visual8 Deploys Custom Integrated Optimization Solution for Moen® Plating Line, Increasing Schedule Attainment by Over 30%
  • Robotic Patch Line Simulation
    Robotic Patch Line Simulation
    Georgia-Pacific’s Corrigan Plant produces a variety of plywood products for the building and construction industry. When the need arose to install a Robotic Synthetic Patch Line, Visual8 was engaged to develop a series of simulation models of the potential designs.
  • Injection Molding Inventory Management
    Injection Molding Inventory Management
    Husky Factory Planning requested Visual8 to develop a simulation model of its SP Berner’s plant in Valencia, Spain in order to determine operational best practices for inventory management and lot sizes to maximize service levels to their customers.
  • Sappi Materials Handling Simulation
    Sappi Materials Handling Simulation
    Sappi planned to install a new hardwood pulper, and Visual8 was tasked with creating a simulation model of the process. This Materials Handling Simulation could be used to quickly examine design alternatives and quantify their impact on production.
  • Paint Production Planning & Scheduling
    Paint Production Planning & Scheduling
    BASF’s current scheduling process was achieved by manually sequencing a large number of small batches for different products, colors, and packaging requirements. The client contacted Visual8 to develop a discrete-event sequencing application, using SIMUL8-Planner, for the Louisville Facility.
  • Nibco Capital Planning Project
    Nibco Capital Planning Project
    Nibco found Visual8 simulation solutions to be a valuable tool for testing new strategies and communicating the results internally to team members.