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  • ABM Deposit Processing Simulation
    ABM Deposit Processing Simulation
    A major Canadian bank uses Deposit Processing Centers to process cheque and cash ABM deposits. Visual8 developed a ABM Deposit Processing Simulation tool to model all existing and planned ABM Deposit Processing Centers located throughout Canada.
  • Insurance Contracting and Compensation Process Simulation
    Insurance Contracting and Compensation Process Simulation
    Visual8 worked with Foresters to develop a simulation model of their Contracting and Compensation processes In order to determine the staffing requirements under volume increases.
  • Remanufacturing Process Redesign Simulation
    Remanufacturing Process Redesign Simulation
    Caterpillar approached Visual8 to support their Prentice Restructure project team in the use of SIMUL8 for the design and development of its new remanufacturing facility.
  • Social Service Applications Processing
    Social Service Applications Processing
    Visual8 Corporation and GCA • Management Consultants were contacted to conduct an organizational and operational review of HRDC’s income support programs. The review was carried out in three phases, which resulted in a simulation tool capable of analyzing workflow.
  • Automotive Business BPM Simulation
    Automotive Business BPM Simulation
    Visual8 was contacted by Novelis to develop a BPM simulation tool with the capability of demonstrating business performance measurements.