About Visual8

What we do

Visual8 delivers advanced planning, scheduling and optimization solutions that help solve complex operational, tactical and strategic problems across industry sectors.

Whether it be testing the feasibility of a plant design, eliminating process bottlenecks or optimizing your production schedule, our highly qualified and experienced team can equip you with intelligent and timely Decision Support Solutions tailored to meet your specific business objectives.

Visual8 believes every client is unique. Our in-house development team works with our clients to design a system tailored to their specific needs and industry. And because we don’t just work with modern commercial ERP systems, our customizable solutions integrate with and improve the legacy and proprietary systems our competitors won’t touch.

We offer fixed cost implementation to provide clients with a predictable budget with no surprise costs – guaranteed. Additionally, our scalable systems and phased approach offer clients low barriers to entry.


Our Mission

“Through the development of innovative decision support systems, our goal is to provide our clients with the knowledge and foresight required to make the best decisions for their business.”


The Results

Visual8 solutions help solve complex operational, tactical and strategic problems across a variety of industry sectors while addressing specific business challenges to improve operational efficiency, reduce waste and increase profitability.

Our tools have helped to reduce clients’ planning and scheduling efforts by up to 90% and work in progress costs by 40%. Over 75% of the solutions we have created are still in use 5+ years after implementation.

With our low risk, low cost solution, clients experience a return on investment within 6 to 12 months.

But what makes us most proud, is that 88% of our clients are repeat customers, 60% of who have been with us for at least 7 years, and 90% of our business comes through referrals.


Who uses Visual8?

We work with many different companies in a variety of industries. Below are a few of our clients.

Georgia Pacific
Maple Leaf

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